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Lawyers apply their knowledge of the law to provide legal advice to their clients, both in criminal and civil cases. When they get a client, they prepare the required documents and gather the necessary evidence. After analyzing the probable outcomes, they appear in court as client representatives. A few benefits come in handy when you decide to pursue the legal profession. These include but not limited to:


Offers a Variety of Career Options


In both the private and public sectors, lawyers have several career options to choose from. After excelling in the bar exam, you are free to choose a specialty you like and passionate about; for example, you can choose to be a criminal prosecutor or a criminal defense lawyer, real estate lawyer, domestic lawyer, immigration lawyer, among others.


Freedom to Own Business


With a law degree and some years of experience, you can decide to start your own business and be a master as to how you run the operations. You have the choice of working with several clients, or you can choose to represent just one client consistently.


Generous Income and Emotional Rewards


Many lawyers earn an average of $114,979 annually, according to the United States Bureau of Labor. New lawyers make a bit less than this, but you will achieve this or much more with hard work and experience.


Similarly, lawyers probably get to see their client’s most trying and emotional times. Once they have won the case, lawyers can feel emotionally rewarded for helping a person overcome their problems.


Mental and Intellectual Stimulation


Being a lawyer means you get intellectual stimulation and challenges in your daily routine. Since the cases are not the same, you have to apply complex theories and statutes and use the relevant legal strategy to benefit your client in the courtroom.


Flexible Schedule


Though there are moments when you can have an unpredictable schedule, being a lawyer gives you the chance to tailor your program to suit your particular needs. This gives you room to have adequate family time and an opportunity to balance your work and private life.


Transferable Skills


It is possible for a lawyer to use the knowledge from school and the field experience to get into alternative legal careers such as legal technology, legal banking, etc.