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If you’re a lawyer, there’s probably a reading list you can never get through. Whether you’re on the path to becoming a lawyer or want to keep up with the latest legal news, this list will help you find podcasts to keep up with the latest news on the go.


Getting the most out of your time is very important, and legal podcasts can help you do so by allowing you to keep track of all of your important legal matters while you’re walking, cooking, or doing laundry. In this list, we’ll be talking about some of the best legal podcasts that will keep you up to date with the latest developments in the field.


1. The Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist is a weekly show that provides a comprehensive view of the future of lawyering and law practice. It features conversations with prominent individuals in the industry and creatives who are contributing to shaping the profession. Because of its focus on the latest trends and tactics, it’s one to keep up with if you’re planning on becoming a lawyer.


2. Law in Action

The Law in Action podcast from BBC Radio 4 is a long-running legal magazine that features discussions and reports about various topics. It’s hosted by Joshua Rozenberg, a renowned legal commentator and the most experienced full-time lawyer in the UK. With this in mind, you can be sure that everything you hear on this show is informative and educational.


3. Kruse Law Criminal Defence Podcast

Getting into the field of criminal defense is very important for anyone planning on becoming a lawyer. This is why the Kruse Law Criminal Defense podcast team aims to understand the criminal justice system comprehensively. It also aims to help listeners understand how to defend themselves against potential charges.


4. The Lawfare Podcast

If you’re a fan of Homeland and are interested in learning more about the various plot twists in the show, then the Lawfare Podcast is the place for you. This weekly show aims to comprehensively analyze how the law is used as a weapon in national conflicts. It features discussions with journalists, policymakers, and experts and covers topics such as foreign policies, cybersecurity, and homeland security.


5. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

The Lawyer 2 Lawyer is a long-running legal podcast that features discussions and analyses about various topics. It’s hosted by J. Craig Williams, a renowned criminal defense lawyer. This show has received numerous awards for its informative and entertaining content.