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A law degree can provide you with various professional opportunities, but it can also be hard to decide which path is right for you. There are so many fields of law that it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.


Before you start your studies, it’s important that you thoroughly study the various fields of law. While you won’t have to choose a concentration when enrolling in law school, this will allow you to decide which one is right for you when you graduate.


Below we’ll highlight just a few areas of law practice you can consider.


Banking and Finance Law

Banking and finance law is a field that focuses on the regulation and operation of financial institutions. This includes banks and other financial services providers that state or federal agencies regulate.


This discipline also focuses on banking and finance relationships, such as how they conduct their business with each other, their tax and reporting practices, and transactions. Many banking and finance law practitioners work for banks and finance law firms.


Business Law

A business law attorney is typically a lawyer who focuses on the various issues that affect a company’s operations. This typically includes the formation of a new company and the management of subsequent problems.


This discipline is ideal for individuals who enjoy working on complex cases and developing effective strategies for managing their companies. However, it can be very taxing on a person’s time.


Civil Rights Law

The concept of civil rights law states that individuals have the right to receive equal treatment under the law. This discipline also protects the fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the constitutions of various states.


While civil rights law is often associated with the civil rights movement, lawyers in this discipline can also handle various other civil rights issues. Many lawyers interested in civil rights law can also work for non-profit organizations focused on addressing social issues. 


Criminal Law

Criminal law focuses on the various offenses covered under the criminal code. Usually, prosecutors and defense attorneys are involved in these cases. If you’re thinking about becoming a criminal law attorney, you must prepare for court. This discipline has a high rate of burnout. Usually, criminal law attorneys have large cases and must quickly process information.