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Artificial intelligence has become bigger and more complex than ever, essentially showing up in every facet of modern-day life to some capacity, including our government. The government uses AI in a surprising number of ways, with some federal administrative agencies not even able to explain how exactly their AI works and experts trying to deep dive into how this tech makes decisions in order to adapt laws to them. Read on for a few examples of how our government uses artificial intelligence to help run the country.


Have you ever called an organization and been greeted by a robot? Chances are you have, and that’s one way in which the government utilizes artificial intelligence. Chatbots have the ability to automate the majority of interactions that occur with government departments and their customers. They were originally implemented due to many agencies realizing that many of the questions that get asked by their customers are basic and routine, meaning AI could handle it fine and leave the manpower to do more important tasks. 

Health and Safety

You probably weren’t aware, but artificial intelligence can be a big help in health and safety on the government’s part. One of the biggest ways it does this is when the health inspector’s have to do inspections for various restaurants. AI allows health departments to take insights from social media posts that are made about various restaurants, and then fine-tune their strategy for how they pick restaurants to go inspect. This can lead to an increase in citations and much fewer cases of food poisoning or food poisoning related illness overall. 

National Security

Another great way the government uses artificial intelligence is to keep the country safe. AI can surf the internet and find signs of radicalization that could be potentially dangerous to the countries citizens. The United Kingdom’s Institute for Strategic Dialogue did this and was able to find around 800 signs of radicalization among 42,000 samples. Other countries are also using or working towards using AI to help protect themselves, such as South Korea and their AI Research and Development Center.


If you’re worried about artificial intelligence driving your cars, you might want to know that AI is also used in other forms of transportation and travel. In Pittsburgh, they use traffic lights that have AI installed, which has cut traffic down by quite a lot. This isn’t an uncommon practice either, with other countries using artificial intelligence to help solve traffic problems and ultimately making their public transportation systems better.