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Previously, I wrote a blog looking at why you would go to law school if you did not plan on being a lawyer. The legal industry offers a wide variety of career options. Law graduates have the potential to go on to a plethora of lucrative lawyer and non-lawyer jobs. You would be surprised at the things you can do with a law degree. Below are some of the highest pay jobs available to law graduates.


Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers are some of the highest paid legal professionals in the world. Those who are handling top-dollar and high-profile cases earn the most money. It is important to note, however, that not all lawyers bring in high incomes. There are many public interest lawyers making a modest salary. However, the median annual wage of all lawyers was $110,590 in 2008. This number increased to $133,470 in 2014.


Legal Recruiter

Recent data from reported that the median salary for legal recruiters in the United States is $87,556. The range is typically from $71,374-$109,087. This job can be more flexible than pursuing law.


Tax Attorneys

As a tax attorney, you will work with both businesses and individuals in order to solve tax issues. These attorneys assist in estate planning and are often the essential consultants when someone is looking to start a business or to help draft contracts when needed. The work of a tax attorney isn’t as flashy as a trial lawyer, but it does reap a big paycheck. In 2016, the average pay was about $99,000. However, some people might be able to make as much as $189,000.


Member of Congress

A career in politics might also be the best fit for you depending on your interests. A law degree is not a requirement to get into politics, but it does give you an edge. The salary of a Congress Member is $174,000 per year. Some of the higher positions like Majority Party Leader and Speaker of the House bring in $194,000 each year.