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Just like most professions, there are many misconceptions when it comes to the law profession. Many of these myths can come from a lack of knowledge about the ins and outs of what a lawyer actually does and some also come from the depiction of fictional lawyers on television and in movies. Due to these stereotypes and misconceptions, law careers seem devalued. Now while some people do fit in with some of these stereotypes, most lawyers do not, and it is important to be aware that there are a large number of quality attorneys who are quite passionate about their work and understand the work that goes into it each day.


Being A Lawyer Guarantees Financial Success

The common misconception here is that becoming a lawyer is a surefire way to achieve financial freedom. However, the truth is, most of the highly compensated attorneys make the top dollar because they work with the world’s mega-firms which have over 101 attorneys. Plus, these firms only represent about one percent of all the law firms based on research by the American Bar Foundation Lawyer Statistical Report. These firms are also very selective regarding their hiring process and only choose the top students from the most prestigious law schools. Now, this is not to say that you will not make a decent living as a lawyer. However, one must be aware that the only way to make the kind of money most people assume you can make as lawyers, you would have to work with some of these top law firms.


Lawyers Are Aggressive

You will find the term “aggressive” used to describe lawyers and how they tend to argue while in the courtroom. Television and movies have been a benefactor to this misconception. However, you will find that despite this common myth, most lawyers are not screaming at each other in order to make their case. They do tend to assert themselves and their position which in practice is much different than being aggressive. Lawyers will stand up for themselves and their clients as they present the information and necessary evidence. Their job is to protect the best interest of their client, so, yes, lawyers will fight hard to defend their client, but their assertiveness should not be mistaken for aggressiveness.


Lawyers Are “Know-It-Alls”

Sometimes it is challenging to determine whether or not someone is a “know-it-all,” or if they are merely very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, lawyers sometimes receive this negative connotation especially when it comes to the fancy academic jargon that they use, even outside of the courtroom. What sets most lawyers apart from the typical know-it-all, however, is that they use these terms unintentionally. Most lawyers are not trying to come off as though they know more than you. You must consider that they use these words and terms so often in their daily lives that there will be times when they come out in normal conversation.