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Marketing is a crucial part of making a lawyer’s practice known to potential clients. Without marketing, the chances of gaining clients go down remarkably; without clients, lawyers might as well kiss their practice goodbye. To prevent that from happening, lawyers should use these four strategies to market their businesses.


Pay for advertisements


Buying advertisements can either be an effective marketing strategy or a complete waste of resources. Lawyers must start with a small budget and use every dollar wisely. Think about where potential clients congregate. For example, business lawyers who specialize in patent protection should pay for billboards near commercial districts. Advertise to companies with intellectual property issues. Lawyers should also think about the type of media that potential clients consume. People in finance keep up with news articles about specific stocks. Doctors read health magazines. Lawyers interested in advertising should contact the media publications related to their area of expertise.


Create a website


Society is becoming increasingly digitalized. Lawyers who do not have websites will fall behind and lose money as clients work with other lawyers. Lawyers should use websites to describe their backgrounds: they can establish trust with potential clients by talking about past court cases and use images and videos to make the website look professional. There should be a blog section with free resources. Lawyers who are helpful from the start have an easier time acquiring clients.


Network with locals


Successful lawyers are constantly meeting new people. Local communities help businesses by hosting trade shows, conferences, and panel discussions. Lawyers can form connections by attending these events. They should show up early and mingle with the crowd. Collect business cards and follow up later. Do not be discouraged if people do not need legal services right now. They might need help later and will keep memorable lawyers in mind. Therefore, lawyers should periodically go through their collection of business cards and send emails—schedule networking lunches where everyone can know each other on a deeper level.


Hire a marketing agency


Some lawyers are just not good at marketing. Instead of spending valuable time doing everything themselves, these lawyers should outsource the marketing portion of the business. Marketing agencies can help lawyers get clients. Some agencies specialize in social media, while others practice telemarketing. Lawyers should shop around and see which agency is a good fit. They can ask friends in the industry for recommendations.


By using these tips, lawyers will be able to help more people resolve legal issues.