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Seeing as there are many great resources for lawyers available online, it can be difficult to find valued sources that have the information needed. Gathering information from these sources is important and convenient. There are organizations, publications, and websites dedicated to the law field. Some may be lawyers blogging, or even just normal research materials, such as the encyclopedia. All of these tools are available for legal teams, in-house counsel, and lawyers themselves. This article will bring forth some predominant online sources for the legal field.

Above the Law

If there was a documentary-style website for the legal field, this would be it. This website will make you feel like you scored a backstage pass at your favorite concert, focusing on the biggest players in law and also big moves being made within the industry.

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)

The ACC, known as the Association of Corporate Counsel, consists of corporate counsel members and is a bar association. Resource materials and networking amongst peers are just a few of the offerings from the ACC. Always promoting being part of the community and beyond, the ACC holds educational events and advocacy initiatives for in-house counsel. The ACC’s website offers a wealth of information for free. Plenty of free news and other stories are available as well.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal

For over 25 years, the CCBJ has been delivering timely and relevant industry information for all members of the law community. Nearly everyone within the industry will find something relevant, including legal foundations, educators, business people, law departments for corporations, bar associations, and many others. Articles go in-depth and deliver powerful information that can be appreciated by all readers.

General Counsel News

General Counsel News provides content for a great many different law orientated positions, including, but not limited to – executives, private practice attorneys, and general counsel throughout the U.S. All materials from General Counsel News is delivered free of charge.


The International Association of Contract and Commercial Management, or IACCM, has over 60,000 members to date, representing over 23,000 private and public sector organizations in over 170 countries. The members come from very diverse backgrounds forming the group, and the organization itself has a wide variety of offerings.