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Look around the next time you’re at a restaurant and take note of the number of people on their devices. You are likely to see people of all ages on their phones or children on tablets. Technology is used in every aspect of our modern lives. Lawyers and judges utilize electric storage for filing. Hospitals cannot function without technology in all aspects. Many of us talk about how technology is changing our society for the worst, but does that lineup?

A study done by Duke University revealed that on the days that technology is used more, adolescents who are at risk experienced more conductivity problems and higher ADHD symptoms than in comparison. On an almost contradictory side, the study also found that the same adolescents experienced less anxiety and depression on the days that they used more technology. 

Duke University isn’t the only institute to find potential problem spots between technology and the human psyche. The University of Michigan did a study that found that Facebook users have a link between the social media platform and depression. A Swansea University research study found that heavy internet users experienced withdrawal when they stopped using technology. The University of Gothenburg located in Sweden found a link between anxiety and depression and heavy cell phone users. 

Countless studies have looked into the adverse effects of technology. Those studies bring up exciting points into the mind of technology users. As further studies continue, and technology continues to embed itself even deeper into our society.