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Working from home is an increasingly popular option for lawyers around the country. The practice can be gratifying for workers of all professions, with more than 75% of Americans reporting remote work as their post-pandemic preference. There are several strategies lawyers can implement to make their work-from-home life as efficient and simple as working from the office. Here are three essential tips.

Invest in a Dedicated Workspace

Working from home is only as effective as it is comfortable. Lawyers who want to maximize productivity while working in a home office should create a dedicated workspace. This space is complete with all the hardware and software tools they need. This can include everything from ergonomic chairs and desks to visually pleasing décor and workflow computer programs.

When creating a dedicated workspace, remember to prioritize privacy whenever possible. Many lawyers spend their days answering sensitive phone calls. Setting up a home office near well-trafficked parts of the home could infringe on a lawyer’s duty of confidentiality. Instead, set up an office in a room that has a door. If something like this is unavailable, consider investing in a room divider to section off a private area in the house.

Communicate Availability with Clients

Working from home can be rewarding for lawyers, but some clients may need time to adjust. Establishing clear and consistent communication early in the work-from-home process is essential to maintaining client trust and organizational support. Lawyers should consider developing a communication plan to help clients understand how the change will affect interactions, if at all. Laying out practices like office hours, payment options, and communication best practices can help ease transitions and maintain healthy contact.

Establish a Routine

Separating work from home life can be difficult for lawyers, especially for those who work primarily from home. Establishing a routine and setting boundaries can be invaluable tools for creating balance. Lawyers should consider implementing an empowering morning practice, taking a lunch break, and instilling a rejuvenating evening routine. This can help set a clear start, middle, and end to a workday. Consider devoting an hour each morning to an exercise routine, or perhaps reading one chapter from a novel with morning coffee. Try something fast, filling, and nutritious for lunch, like fresh salmon. Those needing extra help should try crafting a music playlist to transition into and out of work mode.