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The world of law has seen its share of changes over the years. As time rolls along, the world adapts to these changes. Law is no exception, as there have been some key adjustments made over the past decade. Below are some of the most significant changes in the world of law this past decade.

Marriage Act 2013

It was a landmark year for law in 2013, as England and Wales saw the extension of marriage for same-sex couples. March 13, 2014, is when the act was enforced. Many argue that this has been the biggest change in law in the past decade. It’s an act that has combatted homophobia not just in the workplace, but in life in general.

Equality Act

This act was put in place in an effort to end discrimination in the office and any line of work. The Equality Act covers protection against discrimination over gender, disability, age, race, marriage, civil partnership, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, and more. In addition to this, the act put a stop to employers preventing employees from discussing unfair pay based on characteristics that are protected. As a result of this act, health checks pre-employment have been banned with the exception of a case where it’s absolutely necessary.

Data Protection Act

With this act, those in charge of using personal data are required to abide by a certain set of rules. Personal data cannot be kept longer than needed. The data is also required to be relevant and is limited to what’s only needed. The information must also be secured and must be protected against unauthorized processing. On top of that, a data protection officer must be hired by businesses with over 250 employees.

Retaliatory Eviction and the Deregulation Act

This law prevents landlords from responding to a tenant’s complaint with an eviction notice. Landlords are also required under the law to give tenants information on their rights as well as responsibilities. On top of that, landlords were also required to install smoke alarms on each floor of the property they own.

These are some of the laws that changed the game over the past ten years, and have protected the rights of many people.