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No matter the industry, it is not uncommon to find employees in a position different from their field of study. Most college degrees include a universal study that will benefit students in many industries. Contrary to preconceived notions, a law degree is no different. Law is a very competitive industry to get into, and jobs are not as plentiful as students with law degrees are. Luckily, there are many practical employment opportunities outside of the courtroom where a law degree is beneficial. 


Conflict Resolution

A very similar field to law, conflict resolution involves many of the skills learned throughout law school. An individual with a law degree has knowledge and practice in analyzing many different scenarios and situations, paying close attention to details. While a mediator would not provide legal advise, having a thorough background in the legality of the situation is beneficial for all parties involved. 


Government or Politics 

Law and politics have always shared similarities. Someone involved in governmental affairs would be just and fair in their actions and should understand all aspects of the law in which they are governing. Most politicians hold a law degree or have studied law. 



At any level, but especially in high school or university, a law degree can benefit a teacher. More specifically, a law degree will add credibility to those who want to teach law to others. It is a great way to stay up to date on common practices as well. 



Starting or even just operating a nonprofit organization requires an extensive amount of knowledge on the law, especially in the area where you are conducting business. Working in an executive position in a nonprofit will require an understanding of local, state, tax, and labor laws. 


Foreign Relations

Working in a position in international relations would not necessarily require a law degree, however, it would entail an understanding for international law. This position would also require a great deal of negotiation and preparation for that, which those who went through law school would have experience in. 



One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that you work for yourself, so a specific degree is not required. However, entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business will eventually face contracts and other legal stances in getting started. A background in law will benefit you immensely in knowing how to address and read these. 


Even if a law degree is not used specifically for the courtroom as-seen-on-tv trials, pursuing a law degree provides a variety of benefits for relatively any industry.