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It is generally true that to be successful, you need to get a quality education. Whether from Harvard or the school of hard knocks, education is important.  If you go the traditional route, the degree that you end up pursuing often determines your potential career paths. With that in mind, it is essential to choose a degree wisely and adequately weigh out the possible pros and cons. If you are interested in considering a law degree, you will see that there are many benefits involved with such a path that you may not expect.



Most people assume that law degree = you will be a lawyer.  While that is generally true, it does not mean that you actually have to practice law.  In fact, a law degree can give the versatility to go into a number of job fields. Given that you will have a strong understanding of the law you will be able to go into things such as business, mediation, law enforcement, or government.  Many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have background in law.   These are careers that do not require a law degree but having one will set you apart from other candidates and might also give you a leg up.


Teaching You How To Think

Law school is boot camp for the mind.  Your professors will be hard on you, but you come out learning how to think and argue logically.  You will also acquire a diverse skillset because studying law requires you to develop and use a particular set of skills in order to find success.  From research to mock trial to legal writing, you will learn to think on your feet and get to the point.  Those are skills that will serve you in any profession.  You will be better at critical analysis because you read through primary sources and try to determine what the text is saying and come up with your own opinion on it. Another skill you will develop will be the ability to synthesize complex ideas as you learn new terminology while being able to explain it in terms someone unfamiliar with the material can understand. You will also be able to strengthen skills you might already have such as your writing and ability to give a presentation.


Solid Credibility

You will come to find that having a law degree gives you a level of credibility that other degrees cannot provide. In our society, a law degree is still one of the more respected degrees out there and acknowledging that you have one gives that impression that you are hard-working and can thrive under immense pressure. It also shows that you can commit to things long-term especially considering law school programs are generally about three years.